has anyone been caught peeing outside???

topic posted Fri, June 15, 2007 - 9:35 AM by  Karen
I love peeing outside or masterbating. caught a few times and redfaced!!! and came lol
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  • hey i have been caught peeing outside also i love o masrabue inside or ou outdoors is really nice,
    espically if there girls to watch me i enjoy that very much.. i been mastrabuting and peeing from like 12 years old
    in i could write books....
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    I have enjoyed watching women pee since I was very young. I once watched a baby sitter peeing and have been hooked ever since.
    I have been fortunate enough to be able to convince many of the women I have dated to let me watch..some times VERY closely.... I have on several occasions had one or the other of us, her or me, need to go while outside and more than once have been caught.

    My current GF and I have enjoyed this many times together alone and with others, sometimes in public. There is not much that can get you started that doing something nasty in public. Love to hear stories from others.
    • Once when out walking at night, my wife had to pee so bad she was afraid she was going to pee her pants (which I often fantasize about) So she went behind a tree she asked me to stand guard so she wouldn't get caught. I found it very erotic, but since that night I'm not allowed to bring it up to her.
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    Once at a party I was a bit too tipsy to wait for the restroom to be free. I was in the balcony so I leaned against thebalcony, whipped it out and peed into the garden. But I got caught by the host.....and she was not amused!
  • I like to pee in my back garden but I only do it at night so I don't get caught. My back garden opens up into forest and we even have a lemon tree out there so it seems a waste not to. I stand up and pull my flaps apart and let it rip through the fence. My neighbour's adult son sometimes pees out the back in their yard and I like to watch him.
    • i love to pee outside i never use a toilet i havent used one in 5 years i always go before i go out then i go when i get back, i also walk around my house and garden naked,i one time i was peeing in my garden and my nextdoor neighbor once caught me he was fit and my age he came over and fucked me in the garden all our neighbors gathered in my garden and i fucked them all night it was good he then peed on me and it was great i always answer the door naked and sleep naked i love to be naked pee anyway and have sex
  • I love peeing outside. I've been doing it since I was a kid. I was caught once when I left a nightclub with some friends. The club had just closed and I needed to pee bad. I ran around back and squatted behind a dumpster. I was in mid stream when some girls came running by and saw me. At first I was embarassed but then they laughed and said they were looking for a place to pee too. They squatted down across from me and peed. It was cool.
    I was caught as a kid when I peed in the backyard after having learned out to pee outside from a little friend of mine. I was playing in the yard and needed to pee so I squatted down next to a tree and peed. My mom saw the whole thing from the kitchen window. She came outside and smacked me on my ass and told me to get up. She said to finish peeing inside but I couldn't stop peeing and pissed my pants as she pulled them up. I got smacked for that too.
    I think it's the fact that it was so naughty that I have loved pissing outside ever since.

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